Learn how to squirt

The Simple Secret to Female Ejaculation

It’s all about the blood flow. The only thing that determines whether you can succed in making an orgasm ejaculatory or not is the level of unprohibited blood-flow in the whole body. Okay, there’s another catch to it and that is the ever-so-often talked about G-Spot. To me it’s merely incredible that there are still people arguing whether it exists or not. Believe me: it does. It’s just the myths and the unrealistic claims about it’s effect that make women go “Nah, that can’t be it!” who got their G-Point stimulated.
And we are back to the blood-flow again because if you understand how to make the blood flow thorugh your body, the G-Spot will gain more and more … “effect”.

You see, most people have tensions all over their body and as a trained massage-therapist you can believe me with that. finding a stress-free back is like finding 100$ in the street. It seems like a miracle if you do. Now, of course to really get the blood flowing and to accomplish and ejaculatory orgasms through the G-Spot a massage is in order.

That’s why I mentioned the immense benefit of having a partner for learning how to squirt. Also we need the blood flowing in the whole body, that’s why the massage has to get really intimate. Have your partner not only work your back, but also especially the areas that are important to sexual stimulation: the pubic bone, the inner thighs (you will find an incredible amount of tension there most of the times) and the buttocks. Check the area around the breasts too, sometimes there is also some tension to be found. Go all the way down the legs and up the neck.

If you find tense spots, massage them thoroughly, untill the tension is gone, theskin area turns red (red area means increased blood-flow! But not all humans go red through massage, it really depends on the individual) you have at least worked the spot for quite some minutes. Sometimes tensions are just to deep to be removed in one session. This can make the actual squirting “fail” but then again there’s a reason why most people need a number of sessions before accomplishing the squirting orgasms.

Oh, and use a natural massage oil because it will probably get in contact with vaginal fluids. Some of the most natural oils are olive and grapeseed oils. Use them if you have no problem being remembered of frying steaks. (laughs) But since I’m no doctor, check with yours first or ask the pharmacist when buying your oil.

The G-Spot

Okay, once you really got the blood flowing it’s time for some good G-Spot stimulation. Now where is that dreaded thing? Easy, it’s on top of the vaginal wall. If you were to put one hand on the female pubic area and with the other try to touch the palm of your hand from inside the vagina you have the area of that G-Spot. By stimulating this area (that means just touching it) there will build up a spongey knob and that’s the actual G-Spot.

This may sound complicated in text but it’s really no rocket science. Further stimulation of this spongey tissue will feel very good to the woman and if you did everything right and you got the right bloodflow going, the coming orgasm will wet bedsheets.

When stimulating the G-Spot you ought to be quite rough. There’s not much to fear, the vaginal area was build to resist very strong stimulation and going to weak on the process won’t bring any results. And next thing you know, you are back on the internet and searching for even more information on how to squirt when you were actually really close. Inside of there there’s no need to be very romantic. You need a strong stimulus to achieve a strong response. But make sure your fingernails are cut!

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